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Put me on your purse! Glass mushroom keyrings by Beadoir

Key Chains - Bag Clips

These beautiful little key chains are great for clipping to your

bags, keys, jeans, purses,

zippers or simply anything you would like to accessorize!

Key chains are great for clipping on to zips! Hand made by Beadoir

Little Fishy Clip This little fishy glass beaded key chain comes in a variety of colours.
Russian Doll Clip - A beaded Russian doll key chain, made from porcelain.
Mushroom Clip - Mushroom glass key chain. Comes in a variety of colours.
Summer Ladybugs - clip Colourful summer bugs key
Penguin Clip - Glass Penguin key chain with stars and beads. Beads come in a choice of colours.
Red Ladybird clip - Ladybird key chain with Hametite stars.

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